Typing speed and IQ

I wonder what the correlation between typing speed and IQ is. I doubt it would be very high in the general population owing to the confounding variable of computer proficiency, although that probably correlates somewhat with IQ as well. But as for plateau speed for experienced typists, I bet the correlation is at least moderate, considering how much it resembles a simple “speed” task like on the Processing Speed Index of the Wechsler tests.

I’m one of the fastest typists I know, way faster than even most professional transcriptionists, but still nowhere near the world’s elite. Here are some of my TypeRacer statistics:

Avg. speed (last 10 races): 124 WPM

Best race: 157 WPM

Rank (WPM percentile): 99.8% [remember that this is relative to people who play a competitive typing game, so the percentile in the general population would almost certainly be far higher than even this]

But all of this still pales in comparison, at least from a simple numerical perspective, to my 200 WPM run on the “captcha” task, which allows for some uncorrected typos:

200 WPM at 97% accuracy on the TypeRacer captcha test