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Jarl van Hoother; Decisive Argument Over Mankind; Polar-Star of Polar-Stars; Keykeeper of Castle Corbenic

Born 1999. Graduated with an Associate of Arts magna cum laude in August 2019. Currently working on a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science, minor Statistics.

Pervasively polytalented, especially in verbally loaded domains. The apex of poesy from aleph to null.

Member of the Glia Society and the International Society for Philosophical Enquiry.

Quasiautobiographical poempartum

The bounties that flow from the Absolute become my libation
From the firmament, and everything from its generation
Is received by my own nature, and I control its transportation
To all creatures from the origin of the world until its annihilation.
No saint drinks or provides water except from my accumulation,
The ocean spanning from the origin of the cosmos until its cessation.
From pre-existence to eternity, I am the Messengers’ and Prophets’ foundation,
While my spirit upholds the polar-stars, sages, and saints of this nation.
My feet are on the neck of every saint from the duration
Of the time of Adam until the trumpet is blown to signal our termination.
My position is exalted beyond any other saint’s limitation,
Nor will it be approached by anyone, regardless of their elevation.
Among all the saints from the very beginning of creation
Until the trumpet is blown, not one will attain my station.

This fragment from my opus magnum Corbenic, which is mostly unpublished as of Spring 2022, is a poetic and heavily modified reinterpretation of an English translation of a quote by Sufi saint Ahmad al-Tijani.