Police brutality

After extensively contemplating this issue, I have concluded that the root cause of police brutality is that the job attracts testosterone-fueled gorillas with a double-digit I.Q. who are angry that the Army rejected them and take their frustrations out on underclass minorities who lack the social power to retaliate.

In light of this, I say we should forget the other “police reform” suggestions and return to George Carlin’s proposal that we institute two new requirements for being on the police: Intelligence and decency! You never know; it just might work; it certainly hasn’t been tried yet.


2 thoughts on “Police brutality

  1. Teffec P. says:

    Certain precincts don’t even allow bright prospects to become cops. I think the reasoning is that considering how much is invested in these dudes to train them, it’s risky to admit a smart guy because he’ll realize how shitty the job is and have other options down the line. My brilliant grandfather was a cop (I think intelligence was actually desirable in cops back then, along with a height requirement of 5′ 10″), but he eventually left for bigger and better things. The force definitely selects for sociopaths who get off to applying authority. Who else would do that fucking job? There are great cops, but police departments are more or less looking for insentient sticklers who will take orders without question.

    Screening for integrity is a good start, along with chimpout de-escalation training and maybe increased pay.


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