Shiny IQ

The probability of someone having an IQ of 155 of higher, assuming a mean of 100 and standard deviation of 15, is 1 in 8,137.

The probability per encounter of a wild Pokémon in a main series Pokémon game from Generations II to V being shiny is, with a few exceptions, 1/8,192.

Hopefully a comparison like that will help readers, especially those in a certain age bracket, to understand how exceptional such high IQs are by statistical necessity, and how skeptical you should be whenever figures like that are casually tossed around. You can easily play through all of Pokémon Emerald, Diamond, etc., without encountering a single shiny Pokémon.

I probably played those games for a total of hundreds if not thousands of hours, but that was before I was a confident Google user, so I didn’t know what shiny Pokémon were. I wonder how many I missed without knowing…


11 thoughts on “Shiny IQ

  1. [link to test]

    Give this a go. Pretty accurate. This guy’s last test was pretty good in that it correlated pretty well with WAIS-IV VCI, and there was no systematic bias (i.e. people didn’t score on average 5 pts higher on one than the other). This one looks similarly accurate, based on old SAT-V, and longer (1hr).


  2. Some other IQ impression inconsistencies:

    People are disappointed if their IQ is 115, but a white dude is pretty happy if he’s 6’0.

    People are too impressed by Mensa membership. These are often 1/30 or 1/40 people who got lucky on one means of admission. In some environments, that level of intellect is very common.

    Gl with this new blog!


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